Glasses have been the same for years, that’s because we use to take shapes of our daily object for granted. Glasses are a perfect example of that. What if they could use a better design?
The glasses
Only re-designing something from scratch you can reinvent it and make it even more beautiful, simple and functional.
We believe that those feature profoundly improve the experience with the glasses and could make of Iride the new standard on the eye-wear market. Lighter Less obtrusive Lens cleaning case
Is it stable? Iride is perfectly stable, in some situations, like running it’s even more stable than current eyeglasses Does Iride fit every noses? We have different dimensions to fit most kind of noses. What type of sight defect is Iride for? Iride is good for nearsightedness, farsightedness and hyperopia. There is a limit of diopter? Yes, our current prototype, allows a maximum of -4 of diopter. Where is possible to buy it? Iride is still in development. Are you interested? We will alert you when it will be ready!

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